Mahara is your online portfolio with the option of group and project collaboration.

In Mahara you can:

  • save files, presentations, photos and your own study reflections
  • get an overview of your study activities be means of lists of completed and still ongoing courses.
  • evaluate your skills and competencies and set new learning goals
  • work with your academic profile and your CV
  • form groups, share knowledge and collaborate on projects or other interests.

All you have saved or written in your portfolio is visible only to you, but you can choose to share selected elements on pages. It is your choice who to share with and for how long.

Remember! If you work with sensitive personal data in your project, such as interviews and personal identification numbers, you must NOT use e.g. Google docs, Dropbox or Facebook for file sharing. You may well use Mahara.

Mahara is integrated with Moodle, so you can download presentations, assignments and other online resources directly into the group in Mahara.

Mahara is your personal platform to support your education.  If you have any questions regarding how to get started using Mahara and what to use it for, please drop by KompetenceCafeen.

Mahara can be used by all students and employees with a RUC-login.

Find Mahara on portalino.ruc.dk  and  Mahara user guides can be found/are available at the website of AIT.

Create and collect

Develop your portfolio

Update your profile
Upload your files
Create your résumé
Publish a journal


Showcase your portfolio

Organise your portfolio into pages. Create different pages for different audiences - you choose the elements to include.

Share and network

Find friends and join groups

Find friends
Join groups
Control your privacy
Discuss topics